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Thomas Dao 2 years ago

Cost-effective Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers In Vietnam

Today, apparel businesses are more concerned with sustainable production and finding cost-effective sustainable clothing manufacturers. While many factories are now providing more eco-friendly production options and worker-friendly workplaces, only a few can simultaneously maintain their cost-efficiency. Therefore, to help your business get a price competitive advantage, this article will go through how to find cost-effective sustainable clothing manufacturers.


Finding Cost-Effective Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers In Vietnam: A Challenge

With the rise of sustainable fashion, clothing manufacturers have also taken steps to protect the environment for this industry with the belief that Vietnam can lead the way for a green practice in Asia. However, finding cost-effective sustainable clothing manufacturers in Vietnam is challenging due to many reasons. 

First, self-reliance on raw materials in Vietnam manufacturers is still low. About 70% of Vietnamese textile and garment manufacturers use imported raw materials. And nearly 50% of these materials are used in products that will be exported.

Second, the technological level in Vietnam’s dyeing industry is underdeveloped, about 15-20 years behind the surrounding sectors. The number of enterprises using high & sustainable technology accounts for only about 15-20%. While enterprises with 70%, 10-15% of enterprises using outdated technology, etc.

For many suppliers, the amount of chemicals used is about 500-2,000 kg/ton of products, including inorganic chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents, and various salts.

Furthermore, even if the production process is sustainable, the price is high because many factories have not optimized their systems, which may come from the lack of exp & expertise, insufficient fundings on R&D, and so on.

Indications Of Cost-Effective Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers In Vietnam

Sourcing Ability & Material Certificates

Any garment brand’s sustainability begins with its supply chain. As a result, to create a sustainable clothing company, you must collaborate with sustainable clothing manufacturers. They must have certificates for the fabrics such as OEKO-TEX, GOTS, GRS.

  • You’re on the right track if you identify a garment factory that has OEKO-TEX certificates for its yarns, haberdashery (sewing notions in US English), dyes, and dye sublimation inks. Having this certificate confirms that there are no harmful compounds in the final product.
  • Besides, the cost-effective sustainable clothing manufacturers should give you GRS certificates for the fabrics they source or manufacture. They should use GRS-certified yarns if they are in charge of fabric manufacture. Otherwise, they’re less inclined to produce garments out of recycled polyester textiles.
  • In the same line, you should demand GOTS certification from the factories you intend to partner with. These certificates demonstrate that they employ organic cotton yarns or fabrics. This is critical to collaborate with sustainable streetwear producers who make custom hoodies out of organic cotton.

In addition to three fabric certificates, when it comes to sustainable garment manufacturers, they also need to have international standards and social responsibility certificates (ISO, SA8000, SMETA, BSCI). 

Last but not least, by employing recycled fabrics or dyes made from discarded iron or vegetables, an eco-friendly clothing brand can dramatically decrease prices. Deadstock cloth is frequently a rip-off. It is only available inventory fabric (already produced, waiting in a warehouse to be sold, not wasted).

Reputation & Experience

Not all sustainable clothing manufacturers occur in the USA. On the other hand, not all overseas factories are unethical. Thygesen Textile Vietnam, sustainable fashion manufacturers in Vietnam, focuses on improving its employees’ quality of life and safety. 

As a result, the article has helped you summarize the criteria to evaluate the reputation & experience of most sustainable clothing manufacturers: 

  • You should choose manufacturers with 10+ years of exp & expertise in ethical manufacturing, which have developed production systems & experience in dealing with requirements. Thanks to that, the factory can meet all your sustainability requirements while still keeping prices reasonable.
  • Reputation for eco-friendly production is also important: You can see if the supplier has worked with brands who follow sustainability & how these brands value the services they receive, which confirms the manufacturer’s commitment to follow the above certificates. 

Technical Capabilities

Apparel industry technology trends are beginning to reflect this, with new, emerging technology in the fashion sector focusing on addressing the root causes of fashion’s sustainability challenges. 

By adopting emerging technology in fashion, manufacturers can create the sustainable future their customers desire, from resolving the industry’s size and fit challenges to improving personalization and supporting re-use whenever possible.


Below are five factors that you should consider about cost-effective sustainable clothing manufacturers’ technical capabilities: 

  • Labor: Are their work skills or not? Is training available to adapt to new sustainable technologies?
  • Machine: Are they optimizing their production processes and using modern machinery to save costs and reduce their environmental impact?
  • Alternative Textiles: Recycled fibers and fibers produced from agricultural waste items such as leaves and rinds are examples of eco-friendly textile options.
  • Automation and Fashion on Demand: Instead of making and selling clothing, the things are ordered and then produced. While single and small batch production is more expensive to create now, automation and innovation in manufacturing, along with the money saved by lower returns and guaranteed sales, will more than outweigh these costs over time.

Overall, this helps the supplier meets your production & sustainability standards. A manufacturer with solid technical proficiency is more likely to provide sustainable options at more reasonable costs.

SA 8000 & Better Work Certificate

Finally, social compliance certificates are among the most important criteria for a sustainable supplier. 2 common options is SA 8000 and Better Work Certificates

  • SA 8000 is a certification program for several types of manufacturing that has several levels. For both finished and unfinished items, three labels are offered. Textiles are covered under STANDARD 100. It assures that a product is made up of different parts. Humans and their health have been shown to be safe throughout the search for harmful chemicals. During the testing process, independent institutes look at both controlled and non-regulated pharmaceuticals.
  • You can also look for Better Work accredited suppliers. This certification is a strong indicator of a company’s commitment to improving labor conditions. Since 2009, over 400 manufacturers in Vietnam have received this certification, including Thygesen Textile Vietnam.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam – One Of The cost-effective Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers

As being 90 years in the textile industry, Thygesen Textile Vietnam has established a global reputation for developing and manufacturing high-quality knitted items, including fabrics and garments. Besides, they have all the standards of a cost-effective sustainable clothing manufacturer. Details will be shown below.

A Variety Of Eco-Friendly Material/Fabrics

First, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is one of the few manufacturers in Vietnam that provides the fabric itself in the production process. Therefore, the quality of the material is also guaranteed. 

More than that, we offer eco-friendly materials like Organic Cotton, Supima, Bamboo viscose, Soybean, Coffee, Recycled Polyester, Lenzing Tencel, Modal, etc. Almost all the textiles are breathable, absorbent, quick-drying, stable, and long-lasting, with colorfastness, low shrinkage, low pilling, eco-friendliness.

In addition, Thygesen Textile Vietnam has in-house yarn and fabric professionals with extensive expertise and experience in knit fabric production. They keep up to date on new fiber and yarn innovations. The sustainable fashion manufacturer Vietnam also has a lab where we can analyze, test, and inspect fabric samples to create a unique fabric that is the same as the customer’s sample while adhering to international standards such as ISO, AATCC, JIS, etc.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam also has a close partnership with fiber suppliers (Lenzing, Woolmark, Hyosung, Invista, Meisheng, Century, Tenbro, etc.) and new fiber materials as essential inputs in new product development.

Finally, the manufacturer always ensures that all of the fabric produced at our factory will be precisely the same as your sample or requirement. Therefore, they save a lot of time and money from sourcing or developing new kinds of fabric by using the Thygesen service.

Ethical Manufacturing & Certifications

As one of the cost-effective sustainable clothing manufacturers, Thygesen Textile Vietnam holds SA8000, ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, WRAP, CE Marking, FDA, and Oekotex100 certificates that demonstrate their intense dedication to complying with local and international labor laws and quality standards.

This sustainable clothing wholesale supplier also protects the environment and looks forward to working with suppliers and manufacturers who share your beliefs.

Production Cost Optimization


Thygesen Textile Vietnam provides high-quality OEM services that can make use of high-capacity and professional services. 

Not only maintain the most significant level of quality, but they also reduce waste in the manufacturing process. Thygesen Textile Vietnam guarantee that as one of the cost-effective sustainable clothing manufacturers in Vietnam, they will save you time, effort, and resources. 

As a result, your company can always count on Thygesen Textile Vietnam to create and dispatch the proper items on schedule and in good condition, as promised.

Besides, they constantly inspect and control technology implementation, the origin of chemicals and dyes at the processing unit. With organic material options, we can offer clothing that is friendly to the environment and users.

The factory has also implemented the LEAN manufacturing system, and time, labor, and machines have all been optimized. This permits semi-products to progress through stages one at a time. Appropriately arranged devices will carry out the subsequent steps. 

Last but not least, It enables a skilled person to use many machines to complete several steps in a row. The number of people required for each device can be minimized. This reduces the amount of time spent waiting and transitioning between stages.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam welcomes you to try and experience the leading cost-effective sustainable clothing manufacturers in the country with our services. Thus, contact us now to bring your ideas to life!

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