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Thomas Dao 1 years ago

How to store gym and yoga clothes properly

Have you ever been in the situation when your Gym or Yoga clothes on a beautiful day suddenly become degraded or faded without knowing the reason? Here are some instructions on how to preserve, as well as how to use the Gym and Yoga clothes in the most detailed way, to help you protect your workout clothes persistent over time.

Change clothes right after training

Sports activities make the body sweat. So if you do not change clothes early, it can make mold grow more proliferation, and then easily creating irritation to your skin.

Sorting Gym clothes before washing

Gym and Yoga clothes need to be classified carefully by color before washing. Wash the dark clothes (black, navy, dark green …), separate with light clothes (lemon yellow, pink, light blue, light gray …) and separate white clothes.
In addition, sorting clothes when using the washing machine or to do hand washing is also recommended if you want to extend their life. Shirts can be washed with t-shirts and underwear. Separate jeans, pants go with khaki …

Check all pocket and metal parts before washing

Checking clothes is also a very important stage before washing. Small details like papers, coins, keychains could be the main factors that spoil and reduce the life of your outfit.

Soak clothes in white vinegar before washing

White vinegar is a magical ingredient that can remove odors and remove stains. Before washing your clothes, soak them in a sink with 1 cup of white vinegar and cold water for 15-20 minutes. You can also add a little vinegar to the washing machine for general washing if needed.

Add baking soda or lemon

Baking soda and lemon juice are ingredients to help keep away the smell that you should always have in the kitchen. Add 1 cup of baking soda powder or squeeze a large lemon into the washing machine. The acid in the lemon will dissolve the oil and remove the smell on the clothes.

Choose a washing regime for thin clothes

All the activities during a workout or doing yoga occurs in the gymnasium, and the time to use those sports clothes is quite short, hence, they are less likely to be too dirty or difficult to wash.

Therefore, light wash or quick wash mode is recommended for your sports clothes. The long washing time not only consumes electricity and water but also makes clothes susceptible to sagging, lost form, that makes people have to change quickly.

Never use a brush to rub sports clothes, or your clothes could be damaged.

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