Essential Tips To Choose The Quality Workwear Jacket For Men’s and Women’s
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Thomas Dao 2 years ago

Essential Tips To Choose The Quality Workwear Jacket For Men’s and Women’s

Tips to finding workwear jackets according to your purpose 

Today, there are a myriad of types of workwear jackets available in the market. From now on, you are completely free to choose the right jacket according to your profession. Therefore, a painter will be able to orient the painter’s jacket and a chef towards the kitchen outfit, which assists the work and allows the customer to be more satisfied. Also, workwear clothing is standardized to help along with shopping, as standards change based on customer needs.

Public works and construction workwear

For public works and construction professionals, the required work jacket must meet the personal protective equipment (PPE) standards applied in these trades. Protection against risks must be optimal, especially those relating to scratches or punctures. Reinforcements are placed on strategic parts of the body such as the arm and forearm, shoulders, and even the back.

As an additional option, the work jacket demanded in these industries is often equipped with several pockets for convenience. These famous pockets allow the user to carry his equipment and tools. The fabric is also a resistant and light material, but above all breathable. Depending on the season, the choice of the jacket may change so that its wearer can work in the best conditions.

Green spaces workwear

Generally, these trades call for the use of delicate tools to handle such as a chainsaw, a snowblower, or a brush cutter. Comfort is therefore an important criterion and freedom of movement is essential. Professional jackets for garden maintenance experts are made from lightweight, breathable materials without sacrificing protection.

Perfect arm mobility is essential since the wearer needs to be completely comfortable when handling their work tools. Accessories such as reinforcements on the arms, shoulders, or back are essential without forgetting the pockets which are used to carry other tools useful in the profession.

Electrical industry workwear

The work jacket required in this field of activity is multi-risk, that is to say, it protects against all possible accidents that may occur in the electrical industry. The jacket should be high visibility, with bright colors and retro-reflective stripes that allow the wearer to be identified immediately if needed. It has several pockets that can be used to carry your work tools with you.

Metallurgy, steel, and glass industry workwear

It is immediately obvious that in these fields of activity, the sources of heat are substantial. These places with a high level of danger often offer atmospheric conditions favorable to an explosion: the presence of flammable gas, an electrical circuit, and significant air circulation promoting ignition. Therefore, the required protection is that against flames. In most cases, manufacturers design their workwear jackets from a material with a flame retardant treatment. Metal furnaces or molten glass splashes cannot trigger inflammation with this type of work jacket.

The best standards for workwear jackets 

Like shoes and gloves, work jackets play a vital role in the protection and well-being of workers. Nowadays, there is an infinite number of choices, but you should know that these types of clothing must meet very specific standards. Their quality and efficiency depend on this merit.

Whether the work jacket is worn to protect against rain, cold, dust, heat, chemical splashes, or anything else, it is first and foremost designed to adapt to any industry and environment. all requirements. It meets manufacturing standards (quality, comfort, and resistance) which meet all the expectations of the various trades.

Once your choice is fixed on a model, remember that your safety and your protection also go through the wearing of work pants and many other PPE, such as a hard hat, a breathing mask, gloves, and protective glasses … and of course safety shoes. They too must respect the standards inherent in your activity.

The best material for a workwear jacket

At least 8 hours a day, workers are exposed to various elements that can harm your health: bacteria, microbes, chemicals, rain, intense heat, etc. This is why the choice of a work jacket needs to be taken seriously. Indeed, it guarantees your comfort and safety.

The type and quality of the fabric are at the top of the list among the criteria to be taken into account. The reason is that the strength of the work jacket depends on it. For example, a PVC jacket will not have the same performance or the same characteristics as a polyester jacket. The first one is greatly appreciated for its waterproofness, while the other stands out for its flexibility and is also easy to clean. 

Here are some main materials that you can consider before buying a workwear jacket.

Softshell workwear jacket

The softshell jacket is made up of an inner layer of microfleece, a waterproof membrane, and a breathable film. Workwear jackets made from fabrics made from soft shell technology benefit from several qualities: warm, water-repellent, windproof, and elastic. The best to protect yourself comfortably! This is a warm work jacket, suitable for both men and women, and perfect for outdoor work. Besides, softshell jackets are generally very stylish.

However, a softshell work jacket will only protect you from light rain. When working in heavy rain, we recommend that you choose a rainproof work jacket, which is more suitable for the weather conditions.

PVC workwear jacket

A professional jacket that benefits from a PVC coating gives you the guarantee of a waterproof jacket or at least a water repellent. If you want a warm work jacket, make sure it has quilting or an inner fleece lining.

Fleece workwear jacket

Fleece workwear jackets are warm, soft, and comfortable, and extremely resistant while being lighter than wool jackets. They provide effective protection against the cold temperature, but may not protect you from rain. The ideal ally for any professional carrying out outdoor work (truck driver, machine operator, mason, farmer, firefighter, gardener, etc.).

Polyester workwear jacket

These synthetic fibers are of very good quality in the workwear ranges. They have various advantages such as flexibility, maintenance, and ease of cleaning.

Polycotton workwear jacket

A polycotton work jacket is mostly made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Both warm and breathable, this type of professional jacket is ideal for people working outdoors in mid-season.

polycotton workwear jacket

Cordura reinforcements workwear jacket

Cordura is a synthetic textile fiber renowned for its strength, endurance, and resistance to abrasion and tearing. It is used to reinforce areas of workwear clothing that are severely tested in many professions.

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