15 Types Of Dresses For All Body Shapes
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Thomas Dao 2 years ago

15 Types Of Dresses For All Body Shapes

Dresses are one of the indispensable fashion items for women. A dress that fits your body does not only help you look more balanced, but also brings you more confidence than ever. Please take a look at the following 15 different types of dresses to decide what you should wear in your next event.


Midi Dress


A midi dress is one of the types of dresses that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Often called a hybrid between a maxi dress and a mini dress, the midi dress is perfect for the times when you are not sure of the formality of the event you are attending. The midi dress can have any neckline, from scoop, square to bateau and they come with different sleeve lengths, so everyone can find something that fits their body shape.

Off the Shoulder Dress


The off-the-shoulder dress will showcase your beautiful shoulders for a sexy and attractive look. Most off-the-shoulder dresses have sleeves or ruffles on the bicep while maintaining a sleeve or ruffle on the bicep. If you love to exhibit your shoulders and back but are quite afraid of a strapless look, then the off-the-shoulder dress is the design for you.

Bodycon Dress


For women who are chasing a sexy and expensive look, the bodycon dress is a must-have item in your closet. Made of stretchy fabric, this type of dress is a tight-fitting dress that can hug your body closely and flatters your beautiful curves. This dress is ideal for a night out and would look best on those with an hourglass figure.

A-Line Dress


A-Line dress– A type of dress that can be worn to a party or a walk in the park. This dress got its name from the shape resembling an “A”. It fits at the hips and gradually flares out towards the hem. This style is perfect for women with pear-shaped bodies, as it flatters your flaws and enhances your lovely waist and shoulders.

Mini Dress


Mini dresses are one of the most famous types of dresses because they look great on everyone, especially young women. They are a great way to capture attention, and to showcase your beautiful long legs! Get yourself a mini black dress for that youthful and stylish look.

Maxi Dress


With the length almost reaching the floor, the maxi dress is perfect for a day on the beach or relaxing in the pool. This is one of the most simple, yet the most elegant types of dresses. Mix them with a pair of dressy sandals and long-hanging jewelry to highlight your favorite maxi dress.

Wrap Dress


The wrap dress is a different type of dress with a unique design: a front closure by wrapping one side of the dress across the other and tying the fabric at the waist or back. This dress is often made of flowy fabric, and the wrap dress would look great on an athletic body shape, creating an illusion of an hourglass figure.

Halter Dress

With a sleeveless upper half and a strap to tie around the neck, a halter dress is a dress for the summer. If you have beautiful shoulders and collar bones, you would definitely not want to miss this design.

Peplum Dress


Some dresses can have details and patterns to enhance your shape, and the peplum dress is one of them. The details of this dress can be under the bust, on the waist. Because of the design, the peplum dress can make your legs look slimmer and longer while creating that hourglass shape for your body.

Sweater Dress


If you feel like dressing up a little in the winter but still want to keep it casual, then you definitely need to try a sweater dress. This type of dress is often made from knitted fabric, and they come in different lengths. Since sweater dresses can be loose or tight to the body, they are ideal for all body types as long as you find one that flatters your body shape. Pair them with thigh-high boots and a belt for that classic look in the cold weather.

Pencil Dress

The pencil dress is the ultimate dress for when you need to dress and impress. Named after the pencil shape, this type of dress is typically nipped in at the waist, with a hem that hits below the knee. Pair this with a pair of high heels and you are ready for a night out.

Slip Dress

The slip dress is often worn as an undergarment because it is made of thin, soft fabric such as satin or silk. But for a sexy and fashionable look, you can always wear them like a normal dress. The slip dress often comes with a V-neck line, spaghetti straps, and lace.

Tube Dress


The tube dress is one of the most iconic dresses for women, as they are not only sexy, but they also look great on all body types. Tube dresses are tight, form-fitting, and strapless. If you are going for a formal look, choose a plain tube dress in dark colors, and if you love a dynamic summer look, floral tube dresses are the items for you.


The sundress is the perfect summer dress. They are loose-fitting with spaghetti straps or a wide neckline. Sundresses are soft, light, and feminine, and they are best seen in a floral pattern or pastel color.

One Shoulder Dress


A one-shoulder dress is a type of asymmetrical dress with only one shoulder. Comes in different lengths, skirt types, and forms, they are the ideal dresses for formal events.

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