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Thomas Dao 2 years ago

Find good Casual & fashionwear manufacturer

Casual & fashionwear is probably an indispensable part of the fashion and clothing industry. If you are looking for casual and fashionwear manufacturers, here are all the details you may need to know about their roles, where and how to get them for your own!

What is casual and fashionwear clothing? 

In the fashion industry, casual and fashion wear are separate but homogenous. They share the similarity in terms of their covering and aesthetic function as clothes. However, while casual garments focus on the comfort and versatility to suit different daily contexts, fashionwear is more beauty-driven for the purpose of enhancing wearers’ appearance. Despite such differences, casual and fashion wear can be combined as one category, of which the products are both aesthetic and comfortable. 

Some must-have casual and fashionwear clothing 

Casual and fashionwear has a long developing history, with tons of varieties and innovations. However, during such a long period, there are certain types of casual and stylish clothing which are basic and essential. Here are some of the items that never go out of fashion.  


Tops refer to types of clothing for the upper body part. There are numerous types of tops available in the market, with plenty of using purposes and designs. Here are some of the most popular casual and fashionable styles that never lose their positions in the industry. These top styles are both relaxed and stylish, improving your appearance while guaranteeing comfort.

Casual & fashionwearT-shirt
Casual & fashionwearCroptop & shirt
Casual & fashionwearPolo shirt
Casual & fashionwearHoodies
Casual & fashionwearSweater
Casual & fashionwearJacket


Bottoms are all the garment types that cover the lower body part. They usually go with tops for mix-and-match to create fashionable looks and styles. There are also multiple varieties in terms of design and purposes, of which the most popular are shorts, leggings, pants, joggers, and jeans.

Casual & fashionwearLeggings
Casual & fashionwearShorts
Casual & fashionwearJogger

Commonly used fabrics in casual and fashionwear manufacturer 

Depending on the using purpose, there are differences in textiles choosing criteria for each clothing type. The most important characteristics that casualwear fabrics should have are comfort, elasticity, and/or sweat absorbance. Unlike casual garments, textiles suitable for fashionwear should have shape-retention and form-remaining abilities for long-lasting looks. However, these characteristics can be combined by blending fabrics to create casual-fashionable multi-purpose outfits.


Regarding fabric types, there are synthetic and natural textiles. Natural fabrics have their origins in natural fibers, such as bamboo, soybean, and cotton. These organic fibers are often great for absorbent, anti-bacteria with softness and comfort. Meanwhile, synthetic fabrics are man-made, which may have their fibers created from chemical reactions. Synthetic textiles are normally elastic for excellent shape-retention and form-remaining abilities. 

Therefore, blending synthetic and natural fibers in a calculated and suitable proportion would create combined impacts that ensure both casualty and aesthetics. The most popular recipe for casual fashion wear is Cotton-Polyester. Cotton is probably well-known for casual clothing, as it is absorbent, lightweight, and soft for the utmost comfort. When mixing with Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, or other types of synthetic fabrics, the final products are casually relaxing and good-looking. 

Where to get casual and fashionwear clothing? 

There are several options and ways of finding a casual and fashionwear item for your own. It is totally possible to purchase ready-to-wear products from stores, sew your own item or have a manufacturer personalize your clothes.

From online & offline stores

Thanks to the popularity and essentiality of casual & fashion items, it is not difficult to find these types of clothing in both online and offline stores. Depending on your demands and conditions, you can apply either or both purchasing methods easily.

Online shopping is probably the most convenient and easiest buying method. There are numerous suppliers, providers, online sellers and e-commerce platforms that are competing to bring the best clothing to you. All product details, descriptions, sizes, and photos are also provided online. Product inquiries and further support may be available to improve your shopping experience. This is probably perfect for busy people or overseas products, as you can just effortlessly purchase any item within a minute, regardless of time and place. 

fashionwear manufacturer

Unlike the convenient online shopping method, buying clothing from offline stores is suitable for those who want to try on the fashion items physically. Such a traditional shopping method would guarantee clothing quality and look since you can check it in reality. Moreover, wandering around and trying on beautiful clothes can also bring about a mental satisfaction and excitement. There are also multiple stores with various price ranges and styles to serve different demands, so it is very easy to find casual fashion items offline.

Casual & fashionwear


As casual and fashionable clothes are massively available and can be found easily everywhere, people may start to customize their clothing for a unique design. It is possible if you have a clever hand and adequate patience.


There are tons of channels and DIY tutorials available online, which may provide you with different sewing, cutting, coloring or painting techniques to customize your casual fashion clothing. In addition to techniques, you also can find many references and inspiration on the internet or fashion lookbooks to develop your own designs and ideas.

From suppliers and manufacturers 

If you want to have your personalized products but are not good at handmade, or if you are about to start your own business and want a bulk order, you are suggested to find casual & fashionwear manufacturers or suppliers. 

As fashion items and clothing demand have never decreased, some various suppliers and manufacturers provide flexible and satisfactory services based on your needs. Unlike some specific clothing types like workwear, casual and fashion garments are indeed very popular and most manufacturers could sew this clothing type. Therefore, it is not difficult to find one to cooperate with, either via online or offline channels. 

However, as the number of providers and services is abundant, you may find it confusing to figure out which manufacturer suits your demand most. If you are having no idea about how to get the best casual fashion manufacturer to work with, checking through the following guide may answer your questions.

How to get a casual and fashionwear manufacturer? 

It has never been easy to get a suitable casual & fashion clothing manufacturer, even though there are multiple service providers. In fact, you may have a lot of factors to consider and many other steps to research and carry out before actually making the deal with your ideal manufacturer.

Factors to consider when finding casual and fashionwear manufacturers 

In order to find out the most suitable casual & fashionwear manufacturer, it is important to identify what you or your business expect. Here are some of the most basic and essential factors that you may want to take into consideration.

Company scale and capacity

It is important to research or inquire about the manufacturer’s scale or production capacity to see if they are suitable for your demand in the long term. 

Normally, there are overseas and domestic clothing manufacturers. Domestic garment producers are convenient to work with, reducing traveling time or miscommunication. Meanwhile, overseas manufacturers may offer more various products and cheaper prices.

Regarding production capacity, discussing that may decide how long you can go with the contract. A manufacturer with a small capacity could probably fulfill your demand once your business grows, but some bigger manufacturers may not allow modest order quantities for small businesses and start-ups. 

However, some domestic manufacturers may belong to a transnational enterprise, which can also guarantee the variety of garments and reasonable prices as other overseas manufacturers. You may want to consider working with them if they have an office and factory in your region as they offer combined advantages. There is also no need to worry about their production capacity as these global manufacturers often have support from their system. 

Price versus quality

Price and quality are probably two of the most important elements when finding casual & fashion wear manufacturers. It is essential to ask for prices in detail, especially those fees that are not often listed in the contract like shipping or storage. By that way, you can calculate the total price more exactly to come up with a reasonable budget or financial plan.

In correspondence with price, you may also want to assess or evaluate the quality, because it may decide your business’s credibility and brand name. You can network with the manufacturer’s partners or customers for their thoughts and comments, or research online for reviews and related information. 

With these details on price and quality, you may compare with your own demands and budget to figure out which manufacturer could be your ideal partner.

Experience and certificates 

These factors are indispensable if you want to find an experienced and reliable manufacturer. Researching on your partner’s experience helps you decide whether their sewing techniques and styles are suitable for your business direction and concepts. Moreover, you may also get to know their working style and attitudes, which can guarantee long-term harmony and smooth cooperation.

Details of the manufacturer’s experience and certificates may also reveal the product quality. The more certificates a manufacturer gets, the more qualified they are. You can also search for credible awards or certificates in the category of casual and fashion wear and shortlist manufacturers who possess these.

Manufacturers’ partners and customers

If you are careful, searching for and networking with manufacturer’s partners and customers are helpful. Information from those who actually worked with the manufacturer in the past or in the present can update you with the working style, services, and quality. 

Moreover, it is likely that you can get some rare information or hidden facts that are normally not published online. These details may complete the overall image you have about the manufacturer and help you make corporate decisions easier.

However, it is better to be cautious when receiving information, because there are some competitors in the casual & fashion category or those with past conflicts that may provide you with inaccurate and misleading details about your manufacturer.

Technology & profession

Similar to certificates, technology and profession also reveal the manufacturer’s ability and product quality. Moreover, these factors can tell you about production capacity, because the latest and updated technology and facilities may boost productivity and increase capacity.

casualwear manufacturer

Details on profession can help you know about their sewing style and techniques, as well as further data on products and production. This information may play an important role in deciding whether the manufacturer can fulfill your expectations and demands. 

How to find casual & fashion wear clothing manufacturers? 

As you may complete your choosing criteria and list of factors to consider, you are ready for the final step of finding a manufacturer to make your casual & fashion garments. There are tons of choices for you, and as a customer, you are recommended to search for manufacturers from as many channels as possible to shortlist and figure out the best manufacturing partner. There are two possible and common ways of searching: online and offline.

On the internet 

Searching for manufacturers on the internet is probably convenient and economical. There are several information sources online, coming from search engines, SNS, marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, specialized forums, manufacturers’ websites, and so on. 

With such information availability, you can easily access various manufacturers, note down their pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, styles and techniques, and everything else you notice for comparison and selection. 

Information about these online manufacturers is also findable online, together with product samples and reviews from customers. Therefore, it is costless and easy to check and find a suitable manufacturer. 

However, as the information online is not always reliable, you had better be careful so as not to be deceived. It is important to check the sources and credibility of the pages, websites or data providers, as well as the contact and factory address, office location to avoid fake manufacturers.

Meet physically in person

If you prefer a physical and traditional method or are afraid of deception, trade fairs and business or industry meetups are places for you. These events and activities are intentionally held to gather people from the clothing and fashion industry. Therefore, you can easily find and network with many manufacturers and service providers when participating. 


Moreover, coming to these events may also provide you with updates and the latest information in the industry, as well as opportunities to network and learn from experienced people in clothing manufacturing. It could bring about more precious values than just a chance to meet manufacturers, so you are recommended to join if possible.

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