How To Find The Best Fitness Clothing Manufacturers In Vietnam?
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Thomas Dao 2 years ago

How To Find The Best Fitness Clothing Manufacturers In Vietnam?

As the market for fitness clothes becomes more and more prominent, brands are looking for a gym clothing manufacturer in Asian countries, notably Vietnam. However, this task is not easy, as poorly produced products & unreliable factories are rampant in the market. Therefore, to find a high-quality gym clothing manufacturer in Vietnam, you should check out the manufacturers’ offerings & our list of top Vietnamese gym clothing suppliers below.

What can Gym Clothing Manufacturers in Vietnam offer?

Vietnam gym clothing manufacturers can produce almost any type of textile and garments tailored to your company’s needs. These products not only come with good quality but are also cheaper than most clothing manufacturing companies in other countries. 



Racerbacks are a type of sports bras designed to create maximum comfort for back and arm movements for women who are doing high workouts. The design of racerbacks is known for its T-shaped back behind the shoulder blades. This type of fitness clothes will reveal your attractive back and shoulders and bring more ease to your movements. With an intense look and sexy, racerbacks have become a popular choice among female athletes and sports lovers as their fitness clothing style. You can also mix and match the racerbacks with a white tank-top layer on top. Many fitness clothing manufacturers made racerbacks out of fabrics that support sweat-wicking and remain lightweight and soft. 

Sleeveless Tank Tops

sleeveless tank tops

A tank top is one of the most famous fitness clothing items for both male and female athletes. The tank top is also the most suitable and favorite item when you have to work out or play sports in hot weather, giving the wearer a playful and fresh look. 

Men often wear the tank top as it is. For some sports, they also layer it over a long-sleeved shirt. Women often look to the tank top as a fashion item because the female tank top designs are pretty diverse. They can wear them as a bra or top to the gym or even to work. 

Today, almost everyone owns a tank top in their closet. Because it is convenient and can be used in many different situations, this sports item is always on top of the most popular orders in fitness clothing manufacturers worldwide. It becomes a staple of both genders while playing sports. You should choose breathable fabrics such as cotton, spandex to maximize the tank top’s function while training your favorite sport.



T-shirts can be applied in any situation, not only while you play sports or go to the gym. However, they have to be manufactured with high-quality materials, breathable fabrics, four-way stretch, and sweat-wicking features. The designs of the T-shirt will help you stand out and be more confident in training. Sports t-shirts must be explicitly made for activities that need a lot of movement and high intensity, such as soccer, bodybuilding, volleyball, basketball, etc. T-shirts are designed to tighten the body and tone your muscle. Moreover, body-hugging will support the injury reduction, makes the muscles link together, and increases endurance. Light material will enhance good elasticity.

Many fitness clothing manufacturers have developed different types of sports T-shirts that cater to specific needs of sports. Therefore, no matter which sports or activities you are doing, you can ask for particular garments and designs to optimize your performance.



Sweatpants and track pants are very familiar in fashion and sports, especially those who exercise regularly or people who like participating in activities such as hip hop dancing, aerobic, yoga, or cheerleading.

Sweatpants are the type of pants commonly used to wear when exercising, jogging, vigorous exercise, or used as sleepwear at home. The pants’ waistband is stretched, the bottom is rounded for easy movement and intense training.

There are many fashion styles with sweatpants to make them suitable for all circumstances, from going out, going to school to work, and participating in sports activities. The outstanding designs bring a sporty appearance that honors the wearer’s body, creating favorable conditions while moving. Along with that is the variety of materials that make sweatpants more stylish and make the wearer stand out.

The most significant advantage of sweatpants is nothing but comfort, superior to tight pants. For athletes, sweatpants are sweat-absorbent, lightweight, making them more flexible and sporty.



A sweatshirt is a form of a “long sleeve t-shirt” with a round neck design or a V-neck. It is made of either t-shirt or felt and always comes in long sleeves. Because of these sweat-absorbent materials, the sweatshirt is chosen by athletes and sports lovers in cold weather. You can combine a sweatshirt shirt with track pants or jogger pants, then go on playing your favorite sports.

Fitness clothing manufacturers always focus on quality and design. So you can find sweatshirts with a variety of colors and designs to suit your style and sport needs.

Sports Bra

sports bra

The sports bra is always the first choice women often use in sports practice. Generally, in daily life, women use different types of bras when exercising, and sports can use a bra explicitly designed for sports or go to the gym.

The bra will support your bust when exercised by a rubber pad to limit movement while retaining comfort. That is why a sports bra can help women reduce pain as well as friction from the chest during exercise. When the breasts are fixed in one position, you will not have to worry about damaging the bust shape and fulfill better sports training.

Top 6 Gym Clothing Manufacturers In Vietnam

Faced with the great demand in finding gym clothing for the sports and exercise of Vietnamese people and also overseas markets, many gym clothing manufacturers have been providing customers with the highest quality items, diverse models, and best services – from OEM / ODM, private label, FOB, etc. If you are looking for a clothing supplier in Vietnam for fitness wear, let’s take a look at the list of the best Vietnamese gym clothing manufacturers below:

Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Thygesen Textile Vietnam Company Ltd is part of the Thygesen Textile Group, based in Ikast, Denmark, and established in 1931. With over 90 years of experience, they have earned a global reputation for developing and manufacturing high-quality fabrics and garments, enhancing the Vietnamese garment industry.

From yarn to knitting and dyeing method, from single needle seams to flat-lock or bonding, from simple quality like cotton, spandex, or polyester to special organic garments, Thygesen Textile Vietnam has the in-house expertise to master the latest technology, material research, and production. They are proud to be your choice of gym clothing manufacturers.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam offers customized clothing options, therefore, you can choose to work on the fabrics and designs that you want. They also have full-on services such as OEM/ODM, private labeling, custom clothing, and many more. The gym clothing made by Thygesen Textile Vietnam has to go through a complex production line and inspection, which has made the reputation of Thygesen Textile Vietnam a leading manufacturer in the country.


Founded in 2010, ECO GLS is a company specializing in the production and apparel of sportswear, headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With a sewing factory in Dong Nai and a team of skilled tailors, although only entering the market for 10 years, ECO GLS has affirmed its name as one of the leading gym clothing manufacturers in the country.

They have manufactured products according to advanced technology and lines, with quality fabrics, striving for excellence. ECO GLS has cooperated with many famous gym clothing brands such as Under Armour, GAP, Reebok, to produce the best clothing products for sports fans. ECO GLS provides OEM, FOB, private label service and has many quality certifications.

Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd

Thai Son SP Co., Ltd. is a knitwear manufacturer with the latest in production technology for women and men. Thai Son Co., Ltd. manufactures fabrics and provides FOB services for the export market, and produces and supplies garments for the domestic market. For sports apparel, Thai Son SP also offers customers a variety of choices, from circular knitted fabrics. They are among the top gym clothing manufacturers in Vietnam.

They are highly regarded in the knitwear manufacturing sector and are proud to be one of the family companies that have existed and developed for the past 22 years. Currently, Thai Son SP has two production facilities in Ho Chi Minh City. The company continues to develop fabrics and costumes to serve the domestic and export fashion industry with the best prices and quality.


Hachiba was established in 1976, formerly a textile complex. This is the largest clothing and garment manufacturing company in Da Nang, Vietnam. With many years of experience, Hachiba is highly regarded as one of the leading garment enterprises in Vietnam. The company also participates in the production of gym clothing with many products with diverse designs at affordable prices.

In the past few years, Hachiba has changed the business method from processing to manufacturing according to customer orders with a specific unit price (FOB), helping quality improvement and access to more foreign customers. Hachiba will be a name worth mentioning every time you look for a gym clothing manufacturer for yourself.

Nha Be Garment Corporation – Joint Stock Company (NBC)

Nha Be Garment Corporation – Joint Stock Company is one of the first garment companies in Vietnam. With a long history and experience in the development of the garment industry, bringing Vietnam to the world, NBC is always a name for customers to mention. NBC not only focuses on business goals but also actively affirms its leadership role in the development of the country, improving the social living standards, improving the quality of the community.

NBC is one of the reliable gym clothing manufacturers in Vietnam, with many services for you to choose from. The company always highlights creativity with their designs, choosing materials, continuously improving equipment and production. NBC’s production and management system is highly flexible, so customers can be assured of the company’s service quality. This is going to be one of the top names of gym clothing manufacturers for you to consider.

Legamex Corporation

Established in 1986, Legamex is the leading sports shoe manufacturer in Vietnam. Originated as a state-owned leather shoe manufacturing base, exporting to the Soviet Union, Legamex has full experience and a team of skilled tailors to serve your gym clothing manufacturers’ needs.

The export market accounts for 80% of Legamex’s revenue with the maintenance and development of relationships with many customers in Japanese and European markets. The company also develops in large potential markets such as ASEAN, Russia, the United States, and other countries.

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