How to Perfectly Complement Your Tank Top
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Thomas Dao 2 years ago

How to Perfectly Complement Your Tank Top

Make Sure You Wear the Right Accessories with It

From the right bottoms to the right jewelry, shoes, and outerwear, the right accessories can change the entire look from casual to formal, dark to bright, plain to fancy. Tank tops are beautiful additions to anyone’s wardrobe, and they are also very versatile because each of them can be used for a variety of occasions simply by adding the right accessories. Make a casual tank top look dressier or an everyday tank top look perfect for the office just by adding the right accessories.

Throw a Scarf Over It

Image: Alexandra G.,

Scarves can be worn all year round, and because they come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, you can easily choose one that will go perfectly with whatever tank top you’re wearing. Wearing a scarf over your tank top also makes your entire outfit look a little dressier, and whether that scarf is made of cotton, silk, or even crepe, it can change the entire look of your tank top instantly.

Wear It with a Beautiful Jacket

If you like to show a little cleavage, but you don’t want to be too risqué, you can wear a jacket over your tank top. Tank tops are perfect by themselves, of course, but when you put a jacket on over them, they change the entire look of the ensemble. They become a little more formal and are even perfect for wearing to the office, and if you want to spice things up a bit, this is the perfect combination to try.

Wear It with Black Leggings

Black leggings go with almost everything, and if you wear them with the right tank top, they can take things up a notch. Try leggings with neon or funky colors or even a busy pattern, and pair them with a solid-colored or plain-looking tank top. Leggings also have another purpose – they make every type of tank top look a little dressier, and if you choose solid-colored leggings, they will go with any tank top you choose to wear.

Wear It with High-Waist Shorts

High-Waist Shorts

High-waisted shorts make your legs look beautiful and long, and they go with any type of tank top you might have in your wardrobe. If you wear the outfit with spiked heels or strappy sandals, it can make the entire outfit look extraordinary. This ensemble also adds some glamour to your look and makes it the perfect outfit to wear regardless of where you’re going.

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