17 Types of T-shirts – Which style is for you?
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Thomas Dao 2 years ago

17 Types of T-shirts – Which style is for you?

T-shirts are one of the indispensable fashion items in anyone’s wardrobe, regardless of age and gender because they are extremely easy to wear and to match. Understanding the types of T-shirts will help you find designs that suit your style as well as your shape.

Basic tee

types of t shirts

A plain, simple, basic t-shirt is a must-have. With a polite round crewneck collar, this design suits almost everyone, especially those with narrow, slim features and sloped shoulders. You can mix a basic tee with many other pieces of clothing, from blue jeans, leggings, or skirts for women, to simple outerwear.

Long sleeves T shirt

long sleeve t-shirt

In spring or autumn, a long-sleeved t-shirt is sure to be a great choice among different types of T shirt to keep warm and to look fashionable. Long sleeves T-shirts, usually around three quarters or full length, are inspired by baseball athletes’ uniforms. Still the easy-to-wear crew neck neckline, long sleeves T-shirt often has diagonal arm seams, balancing out the feature of the wearer.

Polo T shirt

polo t shirt

With a masculine collar and line of buttons to suit a variety of occasions, the polo T-shirt is an item with the perfect combination of comfort and a formal look. The polo T-shirt is a symbol of golfers and is very suitable for tall, lean people.

V neck T shirt


Also known as the football jersey, this T-shirt has a V-shaped neckline. In particular, this shirt is very suitable for those with round faces and wide shoulders because the V neck T-shirt will flatter the look. You can mix the V neck T-shirt with a variety of outfits, for example, an unbuttoned shirt, or a thin blazer outside.

Scoop neck T shirt

Scoop neck t shirt

Among many other types of T shirt, for a street-style look, a scoop neck T-shirt is a good choice. With a deep scoop neck showing a part of the chest, this tee will be suitable for beach trips or outdoor activities. You can combine metal chains with a scoop neck T-shirt to complete the look.

Henley collar T shirt

Henley collar t shirt

The henley collar T-shirt, also known as the Y-neck T-shirt, is a combination of the basic crew neck and the V neck T shirt. With a row of buttons along the chest and a simple round collar, this T-shirt is suitable for muscular guys who like a simple, youthful style.

Raglan T shirt

raglan t shirt

With different sleeves color from the body of the tee, the Raglan T-shirt is another kind of long-sleeve T-shirt that is loved by many young people because of its fashion and youthfulness. The Raglan T-shirt is also inspired by the uniform of baseball players.

Turtle neck T shirt

Turtle neck t shirt

Once considered an old-style T-shirt, the turtle neck T-shirt has made a spectacular comeback in recent years because of its fashionable look. A cotton turtleneck T-shirt is perfect for year-round wear, from individually worn to show off your features, to pairing with a thin jacket to add a stylish look to the wearer.

Ringer T shirt

ringer t shirt

The ringer T-shirt has a crew neck collar that is quite similar to a basic tee, but the neckline and sleeve hems are mixed with contrasting colors. This is one of the pretty classic T-shirt designs and is loved by many young people.

Cap sleeve tee

cap sleeve tee

If you like a funky look, don’t miss the cap sleeve T-shirt. The sleeve part of this T-shirt is not as long as your normal basic T-shirt, but enough to form a cap-like sleeve.


tank top

The Tanktop, also known as a sleeveless T-shirt, is designed with two narrow straps and no sleeves. This tee is often used to wear underneath other pieces of clothing, or worn by runners for a loose, comfortable look.

Muscle T shirt

muscle t shirt

With the sleeveless design is quite similar to a Tank top, the muscle T-shirt is usually made of materials that tightly fit your body. Therefore, this tee will show off the wearers’ masculine muscles.

Longline T shirt

Longline t shirt

Longline T-shirts are usually thigh-length, or even knee-length, making you look taller and thinner. On days when you want to look cooler, don’t hesitate to mix a longline T-shirt with skinny jeans or layer it with a leather jacket.

Pocket tee

pocket tee

For those who like simple types of T shirt, a pocket tee is an item for you. These T-shirts often have small, rounded, or square pockets on the left side of the chest. The pocket is both decorative and functional.

Off-shoulder T shirt

Off shoulder t shirt

Off-shoulder T-shirt is one of the T-shirts for women who like a feminine, youthful look. These T-shirts are great for summer wear and are easy to match with a variety of outfits ranging from skinny jeans, short skirts to shorts.

Yoke neck tee

Yoke neck tee

Yoke neck tee is a T-shirt with a separated yoke, which is a shaped pattern piece. This kind of T-shirt is very beautiful and elegant with the embroidery around the neck of the tee.

Boyfriend T shirt

Unlike those short and tight T-shirts, boyfriend T-shirts are usually very baggy and are made from soft, comfortable fabrics. If you are a woman who loves a simple, trendy style, don’t hesitate to try boyfriend T-shirts!

boyfriend t shirt
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