All You Need To Know About Neoprene Fabric
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Thomas Dao 1 years ago

All You Need To Know About Neoprene Fabric

Have you ever wondered what neoprene fabric is when seeing them on the clothing labels? Besides, what are neoprene fabric characteristics and how could we use them? In this article, we will show you all information about this type of fiber, including how many types of them, their origin, their applications, and so on! Moreover, things you might want to know about where to find good neoprene clothing suppliers are also mentioned! Let’s begin!


Things To Know About Neoprene Fabric

Neoprene fabric before and now

Dating back to 1930, neoprene was first invented by DuPont scientists due to the increasing demand for rubber. Throughout many years, it was improved on odor and was first used in the commercial industry as shoes or gloves. In the ’60s and ‘70s, thanks to the development of technology, various types of neoprene fabric were used for fashion and clothing, especially for fitness products. At present, neoprene is mostly known as an eco-friendly material for garments.

What is neoprene fabric made from?

Neoprene fabric is well known as a man-made synthetic rubber material. Its technical name is polychloroprene. It is a combination of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Going through a chemical process using chloroprene, the mixture then turns out into polychloroprene chips. After this stage, the chips are processed through several other small steps and sliced up to generate neoprene sheets. Nowadays, you could easily find neoprene sheets between two slices of other fabrics.

Different Types Of Neoprene Fabric

Synthetic polychloroprene

Synthetic polychloroprene is all types of neoprene that we usually see on the market. As they are made with petrochemicals. This type of fiber is featured in many fashion blogs, which has made a remarkable image among consumers. Ranging from dresses to skirts, trousers with different colors, synthetic polychloroprene is now having its segment of consumers in the fashion world.


“Organic” polychloroprene

We could say that there’s no way to make this type of fabric be fully natural-based material. However, chloroprene rubber is step by step manufactured not with petrochemicals but with natural limestone. This fabric type has just been on the market for a couple of years. Yet now there are a growing number of people who like the soft feel of its structure.  “Organic polychloroprene” or limestone-based has just been in the fashion industry recently. But this kind of fabric is highly evaluated by its sustainability.

Neoprene fabric – Useful material for clothing manufacturing

Neoprene fabric for fitness clothing 

Neoprene fabric is commonly used for fitness wear since its waterproof feature could be useful during intense workouts. Moreover, fitness clothing with neoprene is kindly suitable for normal daily routines or any physical activities. Some items made of neoprene are leggings, shorts, or sports bras,…


For sportswear made of neoprene fibers, the inner layers of the cloth help increase body temperature and sweat more and more. However, the outer layers are greatly absorbent thanks to neoprene. Therefore, you could sweat on the inside but still dry and comfy on the outside whenever wearing them. 

Neoprene fabric for casual and fashion wear

Besides, fitness clothing is not only worn in gyms but also considered to be a casual fashion item. For example, just put on a sports bra and match it with a pair of leggings when going out. This looks simple but lets you show off your firm and hard-earned abs.


Along with fitness clothing, neoprene fibers are also the material of casual clothing such as T-shirts, crop tops, or custom leggings,… These items work well together and could take your style to a fashionable level. 

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